​Table of Contents

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Part One: Reclaiming Speaking’s Soul

Chapter 1: Failing
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4: Ditch Your Speech

Part Two: Reanimating the Bones
Chapter 5: Organization
Chapter 6: Introductions and Conclusions
Chapter 7:
Visual Aid Architecture

Part Three: Resuscitating the Flesh
Chapter 8:
The Uses and Abuses of Sources
Chapter 9: Narrative
Chapter 10: Numbers
Chapter 11: Humor         
Chapter 12: Figurative Language
Chapter 13: Slideworks

Part Four: It’s Alive! Alive!!
Chapter 14: Argument Basics
Chapter 15: Argument and Double Hierarchy
Chapter 16: Delivery and Credibility       

The Zombie Guide to Public Speaking

Steven Vrooman

The Zombie Guide to Public Speaking: High School Edition